Environmentálna poradňa Studnička

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About us

On 5 March 2001 an environmental Consulting Center called “The Little Well” was formed by a citizen association to meet one of the programs of the Bratislava regional protection group.

The goal of this new group is to develop positive relationship between people and natural environment and to manage this with an ideological commitment to a spirit of protection of nature.

This group will mainly promote the following areas:

  • to protect and create the living environment,
  • to protect nature and revitalize the biosphere,
  • to disseminate knowledge gathered through scientific research,
  • to establish a network of environmental advisory services throughout Slovakia,
  • to promote co-operation between an international environmental organizations,
  • to advise about the influence of external and internal factors on living organisms,
  • to advise about damage to and the repair of the living environment,
  • to advise and mediate with manufactures about marking their products with ecological information,
  • to advise in the area of environmental psychology and sociology,
  • to support environmentally appropriate activities,
  • to support actions and programs which promote and protect a healthy environment and life style,
  • to provide services which improve the health of individuals and the environment,
  • to support environmentally appropriate organizations which promote management of rural and natural areas,
  • to support small ecological farms and assist in delivering their products to society,
  • to develop and support traditional crafts, activities and traditional forms of housing,
  • to educate society and raise awareness about the environment,
  • to emphasize the education of children and young people,
  • to support and organize events, meetings and camps with environmental themes,
  • to support local communities in addressing and solving environmental problems in their area,
  • to support and develop local groups and society at large to be effective in preventing environmentally undesirable activities,
  • to publish and distribute environmental information.